a teddy for E.J

Christmas last year my mum had a homemade theme and made both the girls a teddy, the dinosaur obsessed E.J was given a dinosaur and E.D was given an adorable teddy bear. About a month ago E.J decided that she wanted a teddy bear too. Now i couldn’t ask my mum to make a teddy bear because she was busy making my sisters prom dress (i was tempted though), so my mum gave the pattern. The pattern was from the book ‘sew a metre’ and was designed by Jhoanna Monte Aranez. There was lots of things in that book that i wanted to make and i quickly gave it back to my mum just incase it got lost in my pile of to-do-books.

Back to the bear, i got a bunch of fabrics out for her to choose from and we went for button eyes just to be different and she chose them too. I would say she left me to it but she stood over me watching every stitch. She helped stuff the bear and once the thread was snipped off she grabbed that bear and now it goes everywhere with her.

I love it when something i make, makes someone so happy.

a perfect teddy bear for cuddling
a perfect teddy bear for cuddling

Now im off to go fabric shopping for some binding for my mums quilt. So hows that big secret noones seen going? Well its actually making some progress, i now at the quilting stage which is my favourite part. I have gone for a more decorative (time consuming) quilting pattern, but i definately think it will be worth it when it all comes together.

Hope everyone has a great week, think ill be spending most of time outside and making the most of this lovely weather.

A cushion and three mug rugs later

I know its been far too long since I’ve posted anything and there is no excuse for it, I’m always reading other peoples blogs but never doing anything with mine??? I think I told you all how my niece was moving and I wanted to make her something for her new bedroom, if I haven’t then that’s what I wanted to do and that’s what I did. She chose the fabric then waited (a rather long time) for her cushion, and here it is …


it looks fantastic in her room and definately compliments her personality, she did a great job choosing the fabrics.

Ive had a few birthdays over the past couple of months and ive got a mug rug bug, i just love them and the three ive made so far were presents. Im now getting requests and im more then happy to keep on making them. Expect a few dodgy pictures here, they were taken with my phone.

The first one was for my mum and because the quilt im still making (really underestimated how long a sister choice quilt would make, like really underestimate!) had some scraps, i used these to make this. Now she knows what colours her quilt has in it and lets just say it was a relief when she liked them.


This secong one was for my nan, knowing she likes butterflies and lavender (yes i associate lavender with purple) i picked through my stash and found these. I made this quilting as you go, it worked up pretty quickly and my nan loves it.


The last one is a present for my mil, this time i let my girls choose colours they thought nanny would like. I so happy they chose these fabrics because i love working with them, another present and another happy nanny.


So i have a couple more of these to make but first i really must get on with finishing some projects i have on the go already. Think i need to make myself a sewing schedule, well with half term next week hopefully i get some sewing time in somewhere. Have a great week everyone.

the last of the christmas presents

This is the last of the christmas presents ive made, and i cant wait to finally have this post finished. See two weeks ago my youngest caught a sick bug, and at the same time my eldest caught a high temp sore throat bug. But guess who caught both of them … that’s right … me. Im now over the bugs but cant seem to shake this cough which is stopping me from any sort of activity.

So lets just get on with showing you the next present, a make-up bag for my sister. Its a great size for travelling with and the colours look so much better without the dodgy camera flash.


And lastly (because i dont think i made anything else for christmas), was something that santa needed a little help with. My little one is obsessed with edward scissorhands (and anything Tim Burton), and wanted a scissorhand hoody from santa. And this is what ‘he’ came up with, and she loves it.

Hopefully tonight ill get a little more done on my niece’s cushion, pictures of that will be up once its finish but its bright and i love looking at it.

Have a great weekend everyone

christmas presents … two months late part 1

ive been meaning to write this post for quite some time but honestly, i either havent found the time and when i did i was so exhausted ive snuggled up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a film. I’ve decided to write this in two parts so i can get the last few photos of the presents i havent quite remembered yet to take. I think i’ll show you all the present i made by my great-nan, i made this in the quilting class i go to. i decided to make it more personal by adding my two girls and my nieces handprints, and rather then printing them on with some fabric paint i drew round their hand on fabric and blanket stitched them on to each side pocket of the bag. On the forth side pocket i quilted some hearts onto it, and then my sister filled it up with some goodies for her to enjoy.

I now want to show you what i made my sister, youve already seen the cushion front panel but thought id show you a picture of the cushion completed. You cant see the quilting on the cushion from this photo (im sorry im taking all the photos from my phone so they will probably be abit blurry). Big things went wrong when i made this and i would love to have it back so i can fix it, but my sister insists shes happy with it so i guess i have to be too 🙂


Next is the panda makeup bag that bent my sewing machine needle when i made it (seriously my needle bent into a right angle, now im extra careful going over zips). I love this and secretly wanted to keep it for myself, i love the nerdy pandas and the polkadot red is just gorgeous, dont you think?


Im not sure if i have shown it so im going to show it again, the table runner for my mum and dad. I have a love/hate relationship with this runner, hand quilting this made my fingers so sore but it seemed easier at the time to hand quilt rather then change the bobbins and thread for every square. It was in the new year when i went back to my quilting class somebody there had made a bed runner using the same pattern but used binding strips inbetween each sqaure and block, and i really wish i had done that with this one. So maybe not so long in the future ill be making another one if these using binding strip?


Thats it for part one, and hopefully ill have the photos to show you part two by the end of the week with a little peek into a cushion im mkaing for my niece. Have a great week everyone

happy new year!

Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone has had a fantastic christmas, we had a great one this year and santa didnt disapoint. I know i havent posted for what must be a few weeks now but christmas really did become a full time job for me this year. I forgot to take any photos of the presents i had made before i wrapped and sent them, so im just waiting to get some photos so i can show you all. Thechristmas present post will have to wait a few more days, im sorry.
Instead i thought i show you a couple of things i have made and that i have here with me. It was three days before christmas and i realised i hadnt made anything with the christmas fabrics i bought way back in the summer, so i decided to make myself a table runner. And of course i wanted to make it by christmas day and the girls were not going to let me do this during the day so this was a sewing till early hours job.

christmas table runner

I apologise for the picture, mayble in 2013 i should learn how to use a camera? It does look alot better in person and im really pleased with it. Along with all the sewing i did i wanted to learn how to flood ice cookies, and i just want to say im not at home in a kitchen. I can cook cookies, gingerbread men, brownies, pancakes and muffins … and the only dinner i can cook well from scratch is a spaghetti cabanara (not exactly needing any culinary skills there). So when it came to icing them i got all my icing bags and cocktail sticks out (they are perfect when popping the air bubbles in the icing), and i had fun. I really enjoyed it, they werent perfect and if you follow my page on facebook you can see that but it was great to try something different. Its the girls birthday this month and theyve requested a peppa pig house cake and a moshi monster cake (yet to be decided which moshi monster). And normally i would try find a rice paper picture to stick on a cake, but this year im going to try to make them and i cant wait.

So enough about food, heres something i want to show you that ive made tonight, my first patchwork pieced heart coaster … Im hoping to make sets of two all ready for valentines day.

patchwork piece heart coaster

Im off now to get my 2013 calender and write down all the important things down and to plan how im going to clean and organise my craft table.

its nearly the end of november?!

Its nearly the end of November and soon the advent calanders will be out counting down to christmas. And even though i started my christmas shopping at the start of September and thought id had everyone bought for in October (with only the things to be made in November left to do), i have so much more to do! I had a plan that by the end of October i’d have everyones presents and i could then spend November stitching up all the other presents for family, so i could spend December stress free and enjoying christmas activities with the girls. Reality is i need to go shopping to get the rest of the presents, ive got so much quilting and sewing to do that every surface in my home has a different project on it. This has also interupted the housework which is being done on a need to do basis, and much of my organising and decorating is being done in the night whilst everyone is sleeping.

But this happens every year and every year it always works out so im not too worried that it will all go wrong. But if i dont post for a while it will be because im using every spare possible moment sewing, cleaning and decorating. Thankyou for being patient with me.

Take care everyone

quilted cushions

Ive had a pretty hectic week and now im coming down with something?! so i dont think im going to find things any easier. Ive done the pre-christmas toy declutter, donating the old unplayed toys ready for their new ones. Anyone do this with their kids, i do this every three months to keep on top of their toy collections (i also do this with their clothes). And now with toys sorted, their room nearly minues a set of drawers (need to move it into our room) its ready to paint.

After months of trying to find the right chevron rug for our livingroom ive decided to go and paint my own one. Yes, ive decided to take on another project to do before christmas along with all the homemade presents, room painting, christmas shopping and organising ive got to do. Now onto what this post was about …. cushions

In my class weve made a nine split patch cushion cover with a concealed zip, and here it is.

Can i just mention that this has quite abit of quilting on it now and that the picture doesnt show it at all, but my last post did show some of the quilting i had done (if you want to see it). Now the concealed zip, alot easier then i thought it would be although so glad i did a mock one first so i could see where to position the needle/fabric/zipper foot. Have i decided that the concealed zip is the way forward in cushion making as opposed to the envelope style cushion, yes and no. But now im not afraid of zips anymore, i was even thinking of trying to put them into a dress … baby steps though.

Now onto my second handmade christmas present …

No its not finished, needs to be sandwiched and quilted first but i need to go shopping to get the right colour thread. Im amazed at how pretty this one looks, i really had no idea if it was going to work and had to wait till the last row was sewn on to find out. About 30 minutes ago though my youngest attacked it with scissors, luckily only on the borders. And after a little melt down (it was really little, think i must be too tired/ill to get upset at the moment) i managed to find more fabric to correct it.

Now im going to design an advent calander, its going to involve brown paper, sewing and small gifts. Yeah im not too sure how its going to look either. Hopefully i will be back in a week to post what im hoping to be the above finished cushion and two make up bags … we will see.

Take care everyone and have a great week

its a been a while

I know its been some time since i last posted and im going to try and make sure my posts are at least once a week from now on. Yes, this is again me trying to be organised and after spending (numerous hours) looking at organising blogs i decided it was time to take action. By the way, anyone else spend more time looking at how to organise then actually doing it … just me?

So far ive bought drawers for the girls ikea wadrobes so that we can have their old drawers, which gives them more space to play in their room. This is still in progress, im needing some boxes to store their summer clothes and move the drawers into our room. Which ive already started planning ways to make it look like antique drawers and not ikea’ish (feels like im living in a showroom i have so much ikea furniture).

Im trying to keep on top of housework but the current schedule i had (do it when it needs to be done) isnt working, so im trying to plan one out. What got to me was that i was clearing everyones mess up, which i guess staying at home means i do the most housework but my eldest said this “mum, its your job to do all the tidying its not mine”. I wanted to growing up knowing that you make the mess you clean it up and it looks like i failed here so im going to start a cleaning rota for the girls, hopefully it will help me out and they might just start putting things back after they play with them.

Enough of that, let me show you what projects ive been up to. First off my mums and dads table runner …

It now has a border, sandwiched and ready to quilt. I love planning the quilting part and cant wait to get started. Theres a couple of pot holders that ive made to match, cant wait to finish these off and wrap them up ready for christmas.

Next up is a cushion cover im doing in class, a split nine patch …

So ive shown a picture of the back so you can see the quilting because my camera didnt want to show everyone what it looks like on the front. Im planning on doing alot more quilting on this piece, i love the feel of quilted cushions.

And finally a project that was requested by my two, halloween bunting. Not sure why but weve all gone abit halloween mad this year, and although we dont go trick or treating ive making up a small game to play in doors. Its going to be a scavenger hunt and the clues will be written on doors, and some may have activites like apple bopping (we will do doughnuts on a string) or popping balloons to find the door etc. The girls are going to love it … now for the bunting …

So thats me for now, ive got alot of planning and preparing to do for this halloween scavenger hunt. Have a great week everyone.

using up scraps

Sorry i havent posted in quite some time, weve all been ill over the past few weeks from bugs to tonsillitis this household has had it.

So remember the crazy nine patch table runner i was making for my mum, i had scraps left over from cutting the squares. These scraps were only 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide, so i thought i’d try out the log cabin.


Didnt really plan this out, just went with what scrap was the length i needed, ive managed to make it big enough to be a pot stand. I really enjoyed making this and im thinking of making some log cabin cushions.

Other projects i have going at the moment are a split nine patch cushion, that jumper (still….), a pinwheel quilt for my youngest, a halloween headband for an order over got and tonight im working on halloween bunting.

Hopefully over the next couple of days ill be able to do a post on the projects and where i am on them.

Have a great weekend everyone, im know im going to have a busy one

crazy nine patch

With my eldest settling into school full time ive not had the energy in the evening to write. If ive not fallen asleep with my girls at 7.30, im trying to catch up on housework that ive failed to get done that day. With one still at home (and missing her big sister) im trying to find ways i can give her the attention she needs but i can still get the housework done. It’s a balance im trying to figure out and although the girls have a routine and its working really well, i need to write myself one out aswell.

Luckily for me i did manage to get myself some time on my own thanks to Horrid Henry and Tree Fu Tom. Two childrens programmes that gave me enough time (over two days) to try out something that ive had in my to-do pile for a while. A crazy nine patch…


This photo has been taken on my bed, the only available space i have left to put anything (and its hasn’t shown the patterns in some fabrics either). I decided to make this for my mum so i let her choose the nine fabrics. It was supposed to be a cushion but i just didnt like the way it sits together, so after some talking to her we’ve decided to turn it into a table runner in her kitchen. Im am really excited about  getting this together and quilting because i can already see it sitting on the table (i love it when that happens!).

Hopefully ill be able to show you some progress shots (or completed ones) soon, i might just start piecing it all together tonight.

Hope everyones having a great weekend.